Actions is a new iPhone app for keeping track of your to-dos using the simple and stress-free Getting Things Done (GTD) method

Chain view

An unique feature of Actions is the chain which motivates you to complete at least one action per day.

Each day you complete an action you are awarded a new link in the chain. If you don't complete an action, the chain breaks. By avoiding breaks in the chain, you form the habit of getting things done.

If you keep doing stuff for 5 days or more you are awarded a gold star.

Attention view

You can view all the stuff that requires your attention in one place.

Due actions and projects shows items that are due and should be completed today.

Stalled projects shows projects that have no incomplete to-dos left. Mark the project as complete or add actions to it.

Inbox shows actions still in the inbox. Move them from the inbox to the appropriate context.

Contexts view

A context refers to locations or situations, such as Home, Computer, Work and Errands, that are suitable for doing a certain kind of actions.

When you want to get things done, choose a context that fits the location or situation you're at. For example, if you're at home, select the home context to see what you can do at home.

Projects view

You will use the project view when planning the next actions for your projects. A project can be, for example, Repaint bedroom or Review report.

Since Actions will remind you when a project has no next actions, no complicated method of entering future actions is needed. Instead Actions encourage you to plan as you go, which is a much more agile and easy to use planning method than that of some other GTD apps.


You can customize Actions by selecting which views you want to keep in the front tab bar, the other views appear in the More view.

Available in the iPhone App Store for $9.95. Click here to open the App Store.

Are you looking for Ghost Action for Mac OS X? Have a look here.

Actions at a glance

8 different views

Actions gives you different views of your to-dos, all of which you can easily switch between while retaining your position in each view.

The inbox lets you quickly add stuff

In the contexts view you can see everything you can do right now

The projects view lets you plan and follow up your projects

The attention view reminds you about stuff that requires your attention

The chain view motivates you to get things done

You can quickly search all your actions

In the logbook you can review what you did when

You can see all the actions that are waiting for somebody or something in one place

Press material

Getting Things Done®

GTD is a simple method for managing your to-do lists invented by David Allen that has become very popular.

Everything you need to do is listed as actions. Unlike many other methods Getting Things Done doesn’t emphasize priorities. Instead, to-dos are grouped according to the context they can be performed at and the project they belong to. Possible future to-dos are typically ignored until they can be acted upon.

This makes GTD stress-free, simple, and attractive even to people who normally wouldn’t use a time management method.